a new normal

Good planning makes for safe celebrations!

Pandemic-era Celebrations are Happening!

Planning an event always involves creativity.  Planning during this pandemic has taken that to another level.

For events to be as safe as possible during this time, it takes more communication and more creativity than ever before.  We’ve got you covered.

COVID event planning is real!  Some examples of new things we have been doing to ensure safety:

  • Masks. We're wearing masks until it's safe not to.  (Double masks for our musicians.)
  • Distance.  Spacing out the musicians more than usual.
  • Great sound.  Extra amplification is available, in case the musicians need to be set up in a different room or area of the venue from the guests.
  • Fresh air. If the event can be outdoors, under a tent, let's do it!

Thankfully, it feels like we're turning a corner.  Your inquiries are coming in quickly, and we're finding new ways to get together and play music safely.

Whether your event is next week, later in 2021, or not until 2022/2023, we've got you covered.  Contact us and we can plan for (hopefully) normal events, contingencies, and any number of back-up scenarios.

Case Study: 2020 Brooklyn wedding

In December 2020 we were contacted by a terrific couple who were planning their wedding celebration.  Although it was peak-pandemic, this inquiry piqued our interest because they had invited only 8 guests (including themselves!)

That’s an amazingly small guest list.  However, when we imagined being set-up in a hotel suite, at the height of the pandemic, amongst guests eating and drinking, it still gave us pause.

Together with our open-minded, creative client, we came up with a plan that gave the musicians, guests, and staff, a safe way to move forward.  Everyone was tested before the event.  The musicians were situated on the upper floor of the hotel suite, which had an open-concept design, and opened to the main room below. As the musicians played, the music played from above the party.  All the windows in the suite were open to allow for maximum air circulation.

Good planning makes for safe celebrations!


See TSQ perform an outdoor set in the Fall of 2020 during the pandemic. Socially distanced, with masks and most importantly, outdoors with lots of fresh air!