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“The songs were both well-arranged and perfectly suited the mood at any given moment. So many of our guests complimented their performance - they were absolutely the perfect choice for us. Plus their arrival and exits were totally seamless!”


Wedding Music Plan

String Quartet plays modern pop and rock songs
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Step one in planning the wedding music is understanding the various sections of a typical wedding.  Every party is different, and there is certainly no single formula.  However, in moving a large group of people from one place to another & keeping the celebration flowing, there are some traditional elements that always work well.  We can go over the plan with you on a call or Zoom with regard to wedding music by the string quartet.

Ceremony Music Planning

Prelude Music - This is the music that plays as your guests arrive and find their seats, usually for 15- to 30-minutes.  We cater to your music preferences, and discuss ahead of time if you’d like a low-key, romantic direction here, or perhaps more upbeat / cocktail style.  This section of music sets up the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Processional Music - This is the music that plays once the actual wedding ceremony begins. Depending on how many guests take part in the Processional, you may want one single song, or multiple songs.  Whether there’s a single Bridal Processional, a Wedding Party Processional, a different kind of Processional, etc., we will go over the options with you and help you plan.  We got you!  Also note: We can extend or shorten the songs in the moment, so when the Processional is over, and you’ve finished walking, the music will end accordingly.  In other words, we fit the music the moment.  You don't need to worry about the length of the song, or in trying to fit the march to the song.  We adjust to you.

Recessional Music - This is the song that plays at the conclusion of the ceremony. We’ll connect with you or your coordinator to determine if there are any special instructions as to how the ceremony ends. (Breaking of a glass, "You may kiss...", etc.)  The Recessional is typically an upbeat selection.  (Just Like Heaven, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, and Wouldn't It Be Nice are all popular Recessional favorites.)

Cocktail Hour - Most of our clients ask us to keep the cocktail hour playlist upbeat, and we couldn't agree more!  To us, cocktail hour music is best played at a volume that allows for conversation. ("Background music")  But we always like the song selection to encourage positive energy and happy vibes.  We’ll go over music preferences with you ahead of the event.  We arrive with a batch of your favorite songs, (which you'll pick from our list,) ready to go.  The musicians read the room, and call the set accordingly.

First Dance - Tribute String Quartet (or trio) is happy to play your first dance song.  We will consult with you ahead of time about the song selection and the tempo, to make sure it’s comfortable for dancing.

Dinner - What better music during the wedding dinner than instrumental songs played by our string quartet or string trio?  The strings (violins, viola, & cello) are perfect for creating an ambiance during the meal at a conversational volume. For smaller weddings that focus on dinner, rather than dancing, the strings can be booked to play all day or night. If the wedding party will turn over to a band or DJ for dancing, we can coordinate with them to make sure it’s a seamless transition.

Special Request Songs - Most of our booking packages come with at least one free "special request" song, that being a song which is not in our repertoire list yet.  This is your chance to get a custom song, with an exclusive string ensemble arrangement, made just for your event.  One request comes with most bookings.  Clients often use that for the Processional, or Recessional, or for the First dance.  Additional special custom requests are available.  Our pricing is available upon request.


More Questions?

Wedding string quartet TSQ is based in New York City.  Tribute Strings travel all over NY, NJ, CT, PA, and beyond, playing wedding ceremony music, receptions, wedding parties, and any event that begs to have classic songs!  The live performance instrumentation of the string quartet and string trio, with violins, viola, and cello, provides a live sound that is unquestionably beautiful.

top rated wedding string quartet (5 stars)

“If you're looking for a really cool way to differentiate yourself from all the other weddings, book TSQ for your ceremony (or the whole shebang!). You won't regret it.”